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                                                The word “occultism”, of Latin “occultus” meaning “hidden, secret”, and defined like the belief in the Occult sciences, or the whole of the Occult sciences and the practices which are attached to it (occult arts), always fascinated those which were informed or which believed in the existence of another world that which was presented in their eyes, and in which they were the aware, the movement and the being. For those which always considered that the existence of the Man ended to the suspension of the cerebral activity (death), the Occultism was always perceived like a dream, an excuse with the weaknesses and failures human, a corridor to clear responsibilities, that the partisans of the Occultism use to withdraw from realities life, to live in an imaginary world. They thus believe neither in a spiritual world, neither with the Spirits, nor with the phenomena that one associates to them. However, the experiment of the facts related to the Occultism, is reported in all the Traditions of the world, independently of the cultures, until same in the populations which always were in withdrawal of “civilization”.

                                                The Occultism, according to the point of view of our Kind, is not a simple Way of spiritual practices, but also a Way of tender to the spiritual laws which are not conceived according to the sentimental criteria and the human reference marks. It is, for us, a Way of great discipline that only boldest borrow. This Way should not thus be followed like a fashion, nor like a palliative with a certain emotional or existential vacuum. It puts the initiate in front of his own spiritual responsibilities, and that requires a large open-minded as well as a discipline of each moment. The occultism is, for us, the synthesis of all the discoveries concerning Nature, and mainly that of the psychic potentiality hidden in each physical matter atom and beyond. That which wants to really follow the traces of the Initiates of the Occultism, must initially prepare for martyrdom. It will have to give up personal pride and all the egoistic reasons like preparing with ceaseless confrontations with friends and enemies. It must erase, once and for all, the memory of all its ideas familiar on the unit of its designs which must become again one white paper for him, as at the time of its infancy, because if it wants to succeed, it must learn a new alphabet of which each letter will provide him a new outline and an unexpected revelation. One thus needs a total detachment for the fashionable things, without to neglect the wellbeing and comfort daily newspapers, and with the human’s considerations, as well as a broad open-minded concerning the provisions morals and psychological, when one wants to follow the true Occultism. Our Order does not refer to any other occult reference mark that of its own Maîtres, visible and invisible, and endeavors not to lead its students towards dreams and illusions which strike with the eye while appearing under aspects of occult Reality whereas it of it is nothing.

                                                The Occultism, as a spiritual advance, obtained certain means to lead to its top those which survey this Way, which is called “occult arts” or “occult sciences”. These means include/understand various techniques aiming at making palpable the occult nature of the Man like his capacities or occult “gifts”. They are not the Way, but indicate the route of it. Most known of these techniques are gathered in a very old Science called, and currently known under the name of “Magic”.

                                                The occult's Power is accompanied by an unknown and unsuspected responsibility by the student, responsibility which falls, as well with the “Master” who teaches, as with the student who is taught, until this one becomes in its turn a “Master” responsible.
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