La Lune
                                                Fantastic and legendary creatures for some, venerated Entities, feared or diabolic for the others, the sirens always exerted a great fascination in the mental one of the human ones. It is, above all, we think it, because the Man remembers, unconsciously, of its old, original and first fatherland, the water, which saw it evolved/moved as of the first moments of its Existence. Many false stories circulate about the sirens because it is believed wrongly that any Entity of water is a siren. Indeed, compared to our physical world, the world of water is composed of three races of Entities: human Entities of appearance with which the majority of people are in contact and conclude from the pacts, the Entity-snakes, half human with a tail of snake and which are “Mami Wata” or “Simbi” (Spirits of the waters) and which join very few people and prefer the communities, and finally Entity-fish, half human with a cut in front which, they, are the true sirens. It is they which order the world of water and the other races are completely subjected to them. The race of the sirens, in addition to the fact that it is made up of various types (black, Asian and European), includes/understands four principal levels or classes according to the water spread on our planet: river, river, sea and ocean. The sirens of the rivers are the least powerful and those of the oceans are most powerful. By “less powerful”, it should be understood that they are it compared to the race of the sirens which is theirs, and not with the other Entity-snakes bus compared to these Entities, they are higher to them, and by far.

The majority of people who believe to deal with Siren, are actually in contact with an Entity of the water of human appearance. These water Entities with human form are more inclined to join human and to appear readily under multiple human appearances in addition to that those which they have in their world, until taking an alarming form in order to subject the person psychologically with which they is in contact. These Entities have the facility to work in our world thanks to their human provisions. They do not hesitate to ask a human sacrifice, and even push to do it, sometimes for a thing which does not require it. They are generally in collaboration with the wizards and the féticheurs, and are without forgiveness. Their natural habitat is in the rivers and the rivers.
                                                The Entities of water with tail of snake, Simbi, in general, do not join an individual, but rather at a community and like to be surrounded by a worship of “personality” or rather of “recognition”. If we must make an analogy, law of correspondence of the Occult sciences, we will say that, from their changing nature of snake, these Entities are very cheating and have a mood very changing. They also, do not hesitate to push with the human sacrifice, but only when the pact requires it. They also work with the wizards and the féticheurs, but are more reconciling by granting a respite readily when the sacrifice which must be made, is not achieved yet or that one tests of the evil to join together the conditions to do it. But the majority are intransigent. They propose in this case of other alternatives. Their natural habitat is in the rivers and the rivers.

                                                 A Mermaid, therefore a Goddess (not to confuse with Genius), as for it, always chooses as of the maternal belly, at the first weeks of pregnancy (even as of the moment of fecundation), the individual with whom it will be in contact. It is almost always about a heart which is actually of the same race that she, i.e. either her offspring (her descendant), or a direct member of its clan. When a siren agrees to join an individual other than his child, it exclusively does it on request of this one and under certain very strict conditions. The sirens are the most demanding Entities of water, but never push with the human sacrifice, unless that is the proper desire of the person. They always dissuade some. They have of horror the wizards and the féticheurs and never collaborate with them. Their natural habitat is in the rivers, rivers, seas and the oceans.

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