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Traditional and Initiatory school of Operative Magic
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                                                The “magic” or “sublime Way”, is before a a whole initiatory Science. I.e. it is not, with the eyes of the true Initiate, a Science, a Knowledge having for original intention acquisition of the material and egoistic desires or the public demonstration of the capacities inherent in the Human nature, but the study and the comprehension of the laws physical, chemical, psychic and mental still unknown and unsuspected and the application their within the framework of a spiritual evolution. These unsuspected laws, unknown factors and by official science, are then qualified the “occult ones”, because they escape, and for a long time still, being studied and the perspicacity of the most erudite brain. In its most vulgar aspect, therefore low, the Magic is a help for the human being in its life of the everyday, and offers infinite possibilities to him to control its material existence. It is thus this aspect of the Magic which is accessible to all, without difficult preparation and preliminary knowledge.

                                                In the regions other than Western (all Africa, in Americas, the Middle East, Eastern Europe, Asia and most of Oceania), the Magic is omnipresent in the daily newspaper, then it is by lived or reported stories, then by legends known as “urban”. However, and there to look at more closely, these urban “legends” if are not stripped of truth although sometimes they can adorn the clothes of the sales exaggeration being generally used to support an idea for either, to draw the attention on this one, of its possibility of being true, or to warn against it. These many stories are thus based on truths. However, it is necessary to relativize these truths and to take retreat in their examination because it is often forgotten that the world of the Spirits, following the example ours, is composed of much more malicious Beings than nice, and then the stories which finish badly are, either the fact of not very scrupulous Beings, or the fault of the expert who did not comply with the rules. This to say that it is not the Magic which is bad in oneself, but processes used, the cheating of the contacted Beings and the non-observance of conventions by the expert. This is valid in initiation as in magic arts which are much more complex than the vulgar one wants to make well accept the layman.

                                                Such as the sign our Order, the Magic relates to the penetration and the knowledge of the circles composed by these Forces, circles called “egregores”, and to collaborate narrowly with Them for fine energy beyond the simple individual interests, which induces the application of decrees establish by these Intelligences. It relates to also the human heart and its future in the other world. However, and as we underlined in the first page of this site, the Magic which we teach, is also used for the material wellbeing of the student, because this wellbeing is the force and the balance who will allow him to discharge, without too much evil, of its spiritual tasks. However, this Magic is not deprived of tests since it is a Way reserved for bold and not with the capricious one. The sublime Way is truly a Science based on the occult Forces of Nature. It is not acted as any manner of belief plugs or of is delirious of enlightened. It consists in handling the occult laws of the demonstration to bring to the existence what was not. So it has nothing to do with the practices or formulas acquired by the means of a monetary or material exchange, but requires the gift of oneself, and it is its only currency. Its principal recommendation is the absolute secrecy as for its directives and its achievements. It is the legitimate girl of the Occultism, and it is through it, its study and its comprehension, which one can differentiate the Initiate from the collector of magic formulas pseudo which, generally, thinks and supports that “only the result” or “the effect” of a ritual counts, being unaware of by this assertion that the source of the effect is what determines the quality and the reliability of the resources used, because any source is not deprived of dramatic consequences beyond the physical life, consequences from which one cannot withdraw oneself since without physical envelope, the profit spirit will have to discharge sound due which had been malignantly hidden to him.
                                                 The Magic (with regard to its processes) is the effect produced by the action of an occult Force of Nature. And this effect is controllable, but the origin of this Force will remain dubious for the expert as long as its eyes will not cease crying.
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