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École Traditionnelle et Initiatique de Magie Opérative
                                                You probably have some questions about our Order. Here are the ones we consider most important to you, and for which you would like to have a clear answer before joining us:
Is our Order a sect?
No. A sect is, according to the usual definition, "a group in which one practices a mental manipulation which entails indoctrination, control of the thought, psychic rape, destruction of the person and the family, even of the society". And we can add to that the cult of personality! All this is outlawed in our Order.
Is our Order apolitical, conveying an ideology?
Yes, it is apolitical and NOT, it is not the expression of any ideology. If it took “the African” term, it is quite simply because it resulting from Africa and the African Traditions. Our teaching does not contain any line of policy or racial ideology.
Does the Order accept everyone?
Yes, although not proselyte, our Order accepts everyone regardless of religion, race, gender, culture or social position. We are also opposed to any form of racism, xenophobia in speeches and acts, in any way and from wherever it emanates.
Is it easy to leave our Order?
YES. In the same way that you entered it, without any constraint, in the same way you can leave our Order. Just let us know by email, without obligation of justification, and it will be ended your affiliation. The amount of the unused contribution will be refunded.
Is our Order a religious Order?
NOT. Our Order is not an Religious order and is not interested in the religion. It does not prohibit either its members from practicing the religion of their choices. You can therefore be a member of our Order and continue to practice your religion without any problem because we are not in contradiction with any religion.
Our Order teaches the Magic Way of "Winning Dangerous" considered harmful in Central Africa, is not it risky?
No, since you will work under the protection of our egregore. As long as you respect the rules that you will be taught, nothing bad can happen to you. Magic is a knowledge of universal laws, and as such, it can not be dangerous for you as long as you respect the principles.
Does our Order have "lodges", "temples", "meeting places between members" in any country?
No! These buildings are TOTALLY useless for the magical ways we teach because each person already has at home and around them, all that is necessary to work in these ways.
Is our Order independent?
Yes and STRICTLY. It is besides this independence which enables us to exempt the teaching which we wish. However, although being able to maintain the friendly relations and fraternal with the other schools, groups, fraternities, secret societies, etc, which wish it, our Order do not have of account to return to any them.
Is our Order bound to any philosophical, initiatory, esoteric school or secret society?
NO. We have no connection, near or far, with any Order, School, Brotherhood, Cenacle, Circle, Esoteric Lodge, occult, magical or mystical, and have NO trade license. Moreover, we do not inspire ourselves ritually or in any way hidden from any of them. OUR MAGICAL RITUALS ARE UNIQUE AND STILL TRANSMIT ORALLY FROM MASTER TO DISCIPLE IN THE AFRICAN CIRCLES.
Does our Order have representatives in any country?
NO! Our Order has NO representatives in ANY country apart from our Secretary General, because this is not useful for the dissemination of our teaching, and because we do not perform group ceremonies.
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