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                                                Coran and Hadiths call “djinn”, all Être spiritual (Entity) created “fire without smoke” and former to the Man. It is known as that they can take various forms to appear in our world, and that they are either good, or bad. The existence of the Djinns is not thus any doubt for the believer and the student of the Occult sciences. The word “djinn”, in Arabic, is derived from the verb “janna”, which means “to hide” or “to dissimulate”.  They are thus physically invisible with the eyes of the human ones, as their name suggests it.  This invisibility is one of the reasons for which certain people deny their existence.
Although the term “djinn” is of Arab origin, it is not obligatory to be Moslem so that a Djinn answers the call. What counts is to know the procedure of appeal, as it is the case in any contact with an Entity or a Spirit. The Djinns belong, for the majority of them, with the category of Geniuses which require animal sacrifices to achieve the task that one assigns to them, whatever the row that they occupy in their hierarchy. Rare are the Djinns who ask for human blood to act. This characteristic to require an animal sacrifice to solve a problem or like simple offering of thanks, is characteristic of Entities preserving a bridge, a close link with the world of the human ones. We meet also this aspect of the things in the Hindu Bible and Writings with the Angels and Dévas, which are Entities spiritually high. However, the Djinns live on ground, but in a world parallel with ours. Under several aspects, the Djinns are very similar for us: they eat and drink, they marry, have children and die. However, as it is the case of all the not-human Entities, their lifespan is much longer than ours.
                                                If the Djinns were popularized by Coran, it is not necessary therefore believing that before that, they were not known practitioners of occult Arts. In other African regions, well before the Arab language, they were known simply like the “Geniuses”, “Spirits” or in language Kongo “Ba Nkulu” which means “the Old men”, “the Old ones”, and which, by extension, ends up becoming “the Ancestors”. Here, of course, it is not a question of Spirits of dead but of spiritual Entities, and are thus not the prerogative of Islam. They are, for the majority of them, the former inhabitants of the ground, and occupied it before the Man. The Kongo Tradition thus called upon these Geniuses of the ground well before its contact with Islam. Indeed, several corroborating sources of foreign ethnologists of the last centuries and the time of colonization, report episodes where the Spirits of the ground, different from the ancestors of the family lines, are invited to take part in the ceremonies of initiation, offering (thanks for a granted benefit, or to ask of the assistance, etc), or of dedication, and these Entities always answered present in a tangible way which did not leave any doubt to the participants of these ceremonies. The Kongo initiates of these times named them “the former Old men”. At the time of their demonstrations, these Spirits of the ground took temporarily various animal forms of which most regular was that of a snake. To return from there at the generally accepted origin, the Djinns come from Semitic beliefs. The “Semitic” adjective, scientifically founded, is done within the framework of the study of the languages, and one indicates then under this term, the modern Araméennes languages, the Arab, the Hebraic one and the Ethiopian one.

Within the framework of our Kind, the Science of the Djinns is taught according to the secrecies of Islam combined with Kongo elements, which has as a result considerably to simplify the practices while preserving their effectiveness. The practices are phonetically given in order to stage to the lack of the knowledge of the Arab. If our Order chose to teach the Djinns, it is because, in their category of Geniuses, they present similarities with the Geniuses of the African Traditions and Kongo particularly.

                                                    We teach the Science of Djinns in the 2nd Degree
Traditional and Initiatory school of Operative Magic
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