La Lune
                                                That one is Jewish, Christian or Moslem, one will hardly doubt the existence of the Angels, celestial creatures represented with wings, so much they are present in these three "revealed" religions known as or "of the Book", because the literatures religious Jewish, Christian and Moslem particularly, contain abundant precise details as for their constitutions anthropomorphic and hierarchical like on their roles of messengers, defenders and providers of the believers. One can read there that it have wings, are asexual, have human faces of men or some times androgynes, and are divided into hierarchy according to the proximity which they have with God, and have of the functions relative to these hierarchies, in addition to to the individual functions. Thus, for example in the Jewish tradition of the tree of Séphiroth, tradition taken again by Catholicism, they are divided into nine hierarchies. This distribution is also indicated in the Bible. Indeed, in addition to the Angels, one finds at Isaïe of the Seraphes whose origin is Assyrian and who are winged bulls; at Ézéchiel of Chérubins of which most famous is undoubtedly Lucifer; at Paul of the Thrones, Dominations, Principalities, Powers, Virtues and Archangels. On the whole, of Old in New Testament, there are well thus nine different categories or hierarchy. However, the concept of a hierarchy between these spiritual Beings rather takes its source in the Jewish tradition apocryphal book, but also in the religious and philosophical context of the hellénistique period. It is thus starting from materials of varied origins that the Fathers of the Church operated a systematic work of scheduling of these Entities called Anges.
                                                Our Order is in agreement with what the religions in connection with the Angels say, but somewhat has an opinion different acting from their anthropomorphic descriptions. Indeed, according to the practical point of view of our Kind, these Intelligences exist indeed, have a hierarchy, but are deprived of wings, which are the symbol of their nature of Entities of the atmosphere, and are not white race such as we can include/understand this color and such as we can note it among Westerners. Moreover, we regard them as spiritual Entities of the same family as the Sirens and the Djinns since, according to our own experience, independent of any religious ideology and influences external to our knowledge of the spiritual Beings, and confirmed by Talmud: "The Angels are made higher higher matter bodies: of subtle fire and water, of light and a pure breath (Spirit)"! Their nature thus takes part of the fire and water, which are the components of the Djinns and the Sirens. Their agreement with the Sirens is once more confirmed when one takes account of the old representations of those in Greek mythology going back to 300 years before J-C. Moreover, we see them intervening particularly in the businesses concerning the Sirens. Therefore our Order proposes to better know them and thus make fall them false widespread concepts on their subject.

                                                Our Order considers that the names of the Angels are not names of individualities, but of the generic names indicating the spiritual Forces which they represent.So to call upon them by these names is vain thing, because the only energy which acts at this time is that which comes from our magnetism and our psychism, from where the many failures and silence of their share. They do not answer this kind of call because this one does not relate to them, and thus does not reach their vibrations and does not draw their attention at all. There is only the superstition supplied with the collective psychology, which makes it possible to believe the opposite. Although they are accessible without difficulty for that which has the manner of contacting them, to work truly with the Angels is not an easy thing because they are Beings difficult to apprehend, with a hard, very meticulous person, rigorous character and imposing a discipline of iron in each one of their actions. It is thus necessary to have mental rigorous which can keep a strict policy and compromise.

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